Sunday, June 21, 2020

To Extinction Rebellion

I hope all is well with you. Thank you for keeping me in touch with XR.

I have been to a few of Kington’s meetings and also Brecon, Cardigan and other groups. Whilst I absolutely understand and agree with the aims of XR what seems to be missing, to me at least, is when XR says ‘system change’ what exactly does this mean; that is to say what system does the movement intend to put in its place?

I have occasionally tried to raise this issue but have been met with blank looks, if I had to guess it would seem that there is no clear idea of what this new system would be.

The idea that to continue with Capitalism is a non-starter as a system predicated on growth and profit at the expense of the environment and people is destined to destroy itself and probably any reasonable form of life. (as can now be clearly seen as the government are pushing to restore the economy despite scientists warning against this, proves the point - the economy will, under Capitalism, always come first).

The answer is World wide change and this will only happen when the majority of people want to end Capitalism and, more to the point, know why it will fail us and be clear about what to put in its place.

In the early 1900’s the World Socialist Party was founded and they, since then, have been unwavering in their aims to rid the World of Capitalism and not try to reform it. With climate breakdown and the Covid outbreak if ever there was a time to change things it is now. Please check this website out, I think the word ‘socialism’ is problematic, not because of the true meaning but because most people think of China or Russia when, in fact, true socialism has never existed but that tends to be lack of knowledge and the pressure of the media/governments to encourage people to think otherwise.

Climate breakdown, like species loss, warfare, starvation, homelessness, poverty and even Covid 19 are all symptoms of this dreadful society (Capitalism) Reformism just will not work. I think that if XR members were to read very carefully the aims of the World Socialist Party they would realise that all of XR’s aims and more would be met with true socialism.

I would respectfully ask you to read this email at your meeting please.

Kind regards to all,
Glenn Morris.

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