Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Our Solidarity Must Be Global.

Nothing could be worse than a return to normality.” — Arundhati Roy, “The Pandemic Is a Portal.”

The social inequalities we live under every day gets magnified during a crisis. Corporations must profit at all times, and at times of crisis they can rely on governments to help them outThe ruling class can always depend on governments to find money when it comes to saving capitalism
Capitalist economists vacillates between apologists, obscurants and fantasists, presenting policies to advance the interests of the elite while pretending to serve the common good. None will work for common folk.
The current uprising against racism should be just beginning and has to become a deeper and broader resistance to capitalism itself. To achieve real change that will solve the many crises we face, demands must address the root causes of them. We must hold the ruling class accountable. Reformers seek to protect the system that has created inequality and injustice. The main political parties are the various wings of the ruling class. The State and its police are the enforcement arm that protects our masters. The police exist in order to protect property and wealth from those who do not own any. Reform is not enough. 
The protest movement needs to become more radical, not more moderate, and call for the elimination of capitalism. Social change will only come if we shift power into our own hands and exercise self-determination. The people would be in democratic control of how their communities are run. Defunding the police as being currently advocated without changing society means the wealthy elites will find other ways to protect themselves, private security and more gated communities. 
Anti-racism must be accompanied by the call for revolution, and the organising effort to dismantle the entire system. Those who hold power have started to make some concessions and compromises over the past few weeks of protests, but none of these has altered the systems that maintain the current inequalities and injustices. The protests have planted the seeds of transformation now it is our task to nurture them. We do that by putting out a vision of the changes we require and continuing to protest in support of that vision. We need to build relationships with others in our community to raise awareness of the crises and how to stop them. We need to support each other through mutual aid and building alternative systems to meet basic needs. Through our collective effort, we can create a new world. Only socialism brings solutions to the multiple problems at once — the pandemic crisis, the economic crash and the ecological collapse that threatens the future of organised human society. Socialism is the lifeboat that can save everyone.

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