Sunday, May 03, 2020

The Socialist Party Brings Hope

In the time of COVID-19, and the larger looming threat of climate catastrophe, the survival of civilisation depends on the power of the people. We are at a crossroads in our history of class and social struggle. Humanity should develop a global system based on justice, freedom, dignity, empathy and equality. Mutual caring is the socialist’s goal.

Race, nationalism, and religion are causing sufferings to vast majority of mankind. The Socialist Party gives no value to nationalism. National boundaries are fictitious. There is no doubt that mankind is one race with 99.99% common DNA. A tree is a one organism though its roots, trunk, leaves, flowers and fruits appear differently.

The anguish and anger, which is already apparent has led to some believing that social revolution is approaching, and it is the end of capitalism. We too recognise the possible potential but, nevertheless, these all are naive wishes for thethe immediate future. Despite widespread suffering and exposure to the brutal indifference of capitalism no such revolution is coming until working people understand the need for it and unless have built their political organizations to accomplish it. No such conditions exist at present in most of the countries. While the exploiting classes are pocketing money, trillions of dollars, workers are being doled out a pittance by their state machine. Organisations claiming to be of the exploited classes haven’t even formulated or even articulate socialist aspirations. Our trade unions and their leadership, remain committed to reformism and an accommodation with capitalist relations. They have not yet gone beyond capitalism. Hence, all talk of revolution by ”radical voices smacks of adventurism. Only the class-conscious and an organised workers movement can win real, not sham, gains for the people. Only an organised socialist movement can thwart attempts to deceive the people into making them a mere pawns in the hands of the bosses.
Let us rise from our knees and proudly stand erect. Let us ask ourselves why we should the beasts of burden to the ruling class. Let us ask ourselves why we who produce all things live in unceasing toil and misery. Let us remember that we only live once, and determine that we will fight for a decent and fulfilling life. Let the Socialist Party be the harbinger of the co-operative commonwealth destined.

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