Sunday, May 03, 2020

Headmaster of Eton Predicts Social Change

The headmaster of Eton, the  school which symbolises the  British class system, said COVID-19 could precipitate rapid social change.
“Years from now, when historians look back at the events of 2020, they are likely to identify COVID-19 as the trigger for profound change,” Simon Henderson, the headmaster of Eton College, told The Times newspaper. “It may well precipitate rapid social and economic transformation similar to that which followed two world wars,” said Henderson, whose school’s fees are £42,500 pounds  a year. “The unfairness will become transparent.”
Henderson said that, as a result of the latest crisis, “many of those who work in the lowest-paid roles are in fact the key to our survival and these people who have been undervalued for so long have shown astonishing dedication when we have needed them the most.”

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