Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Change the World

The future of human civilisation hangs in the balance. 

Nationalism poisons the working class with patriotism and a spurious belief in the common interests of opposed classes. The crisis of capitalism continues and there is only one real solution to it which is not found in workers forming an alliance with their bosses but in the united struggle. There can be no advance to the building of a socialism without the enthusiastic participation and support of working people. The way ahead to end the profit-making system is through our united struggle against the exploiting class. There are certain fundamental trends inherent in the world system of the capitalist mode of production which cannot be overcome except on the basis of a revolutionary socialist reconstruction of society.

A socialist society is only impossible if we do not demand one. Peace and prosperity are perennial aspirations held within the hearts of men and women. Sharing and unity are the means to achieve them. The capitalist system is inherently unjust, benefiting only those that have and punishing those who have not. Socialism would end for good the abomination of men, women, and children dying of starvation or living stunted lives due to malnutrition in a world overflowing with food. Working people need to understand what the problems are, why the current system won’t solve them and what will solve them. We need to act with the intention of creating a new form of social organisation.

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