Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The Political Price of the Pandemic

We are in a time of multi-layered crises and so the socialist response, too, must also be multi-layered. COVID-19 has hit society like a tsunami. The COVID-19 crisis is taking a human and economic toll everywhere across the world. It makes the Socialist Party’s ideas more important than ever. When it comes to re-construction, it is time to re-model and re-structure society, building upon cooperation and collaboration. We need reshape the economic and political processes into a more humane version. That is where the socialist vision rests.The failures of capitalist society have never been more glaring and deadly, we desperately need the Socialist Party’s voice to be heard far and wide. Socialists must challenge the dominant narrow, capitalist concepts of what is possible or desirable throwing down the gauntlet against the system’s injustices that routinely cause preventable disasters. The priority right now is to advance understanding of what will be necessary to create a truly humane society. It’s up to you and me, and every single individual who wants a healthy planet for ourselves, our children and future generations to work for socialism.

Whether we know it or not, governments are not working for us. The government is working on behalf of capital. Humans are a secondary factor to be considered based on how it affects capital. Politicians priorities are that capitalism must be protected and saved, and all the resources of our entire society must be devoted to help capitalism survive,  People can be sacrificed, if necessary. In this battle against COVID-19, we are expendable, we are collateral damage,  capital is irreplaceable.When it is all over, it will not be the doctors and nurses and the essential key workers who are the true heroes, but the hedge-fund managers of those equity firms and the CEOs of the corporations who profitted from the pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis will eventually be overcome but the other threat facing our planet of global warming may well not be so easy to resolve. Those concerned about our collective long-term security and welfare must now use this pandemic as an opportunity for change. Working people are raising their voices, demanding change, and saying our many deeply ingrained social problems must be addressed. It takes the radicalimagination and the unyielding political will of socialists to fundamentally re-order our economy. If the world is going to change, it is up to people to make that change happen.

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