Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Let Us Build Socialism For the Good Things In Life

Social Revolution is the essential objective of the Socialist Party, the end towards which every step it takes must directly tend. Fraternity is its ideal, the harmonious life of humanity is its aim. The task is no mere pastime yet we can see the dawn of the better day for humanity. The people are awakening and we shall have the cooperative commonwealth. 

The Socialist Party has never opposed the tremendous achievements that science has contributed to society. But under capitalism it has been used and developed in an irrational and unplanned manner. Capitalism has proved incapable of using the ability of modern science and technology to ease the nightmare conditions of the seven billion people in World. Malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, squalid surroundings, high infant mortality and low life expectancy remains prevalent while advances in science and technology have made possible the development of the computers and robots. The destruction of the environment has now reached calamitous proportions. The ‘Greenhouse Effect’, and the wanton destruction of rainforests is inevitable in a society dominated by blind market forces. The inherent contradictions, antagonisms and the competition of interests makes capitalism absolutely incapable of developing the immense natural potential of our planet’s resources that exist or even introduce adequate safeguards against pollution and harmful effects. With each enterprise responsible to a single owner, or to a small group of owners, and as long as the only relationship existing between these groups of owners is competition, there can be no planning, no rational organisation of production. Profit is the driving force of capitalism. The environment, the health and happiness of humanity is of no importance in relation to the profit motive. The socialist view of capitalism is that it distorts every human endeavour and makes it a mere commodity to be sold on the market place.

The war against drugs, the war against poverty, the war on terror. There always seems to be the language of war.

Trump has spoken about "our war against the Chinese virus"; Boris Johnson announced, "We must act like any wartime government"; Netanyahu spoke of the "war against an invisible enemy"; Emmanuel Macron announced: "Nous somme en guerre. [We are at war.]"

 The analogy goes further. Doctors and nurses are in the “front-lines” of the hospitals. This peacetime.
This war-talk permits the state to expanding their authoritarianism and nationalism. The public acquiesce when emergency powers are implemented through this sort of subtle manipulation. They welcome those measures which they believe will keep us safe and praise the police, and even the army for being tough on transgressors who are not abiding by the rules. People tend to forget that emergency powers have a habit of sticking around far longer than a crisis requires. Our attention is diverted through our immediate needs: home-schooling, caring for the elderly and sick, arranging the next food delivery, worrying over income or job security and emergency powers become "the new normal." When COVID-19 is referred to as a "Chinese virus" or a "foreign virus" by those in positions of power, it becomes part of state nationalist propaganda.
 Socialists seek the internationalism of solidarity. In a pandemic society should be on an equal footing, not a war-footing expressing support and solidarity with all people, including the distribution of medical supplies and staff for treatment, support and coordination of research, rather than protectionism in the “national interest.”

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