Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Britain's Political Prisoner

In response to the coronavirus crisis, the British Ministry of Justice has announced plans for the early release of up to 4,000 prisoners in England and Wales—just under 5 percent of the prison population. The selected “low-risk” prisoners in the last two months of their sentences will be electronically tagged and allowed back into the population to ease overcrowding.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will not be released and will remain jailed in Belmarsh maximum security prison in London.

 Assange is being held on remand and he is not charged with any crime or serving any sentence in the UK. Assange is an innocent man, yet he must remain in prison at grave risk to his life. Assange has a chronic lung condition.

An open letter signed by 200 doctors warned, “Julian Assange’s life and health are at heightened risk due to his arbitrary detention during this global pandemic. That threat will only grow as the coronavirus spreads.” Another statement signed by 21 psychiatrists and psychologists, reiterated the physical harm done to Assange by  psychological abuse.

Assange’s state of health puts him clearly in the high-risk category for the coronavirus.


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