Tuesday, February 11, 2020

We will never capitulate

The Socialist Party is a political party, which means that its concern is the struggle of the working class as a whole for political power. Whereas the primary concern of trade unions is the economic struggle for better conditions, the Socialist Party concerns itself with unifying our fellow-workers, giving them direction, filling them with the spirit of the class struggle, orientating them towards the overthrow of the capitalist system. Its aim is to effect the capture of the state-machine to acquire political power by the workers.

The Socialist Party participates in the election campaigns as a separate and distinct independent political party. It is anxious to have its representatives in all the legislative bodies. But its election campaigns and its activities are fundamentally different from those of the left-wing. We socialists are not here to help the masters to govern the masses. We are here to help the people press their masters, get from the capitalists and their government a maximum of concessions. We do not spread the false notion that there can be cooperation between the exploited and their exploiters. In other words, we conduct our election campaigns in the spirit of the class struggle. We use the platform of Parliament, from which our voice can be heard better than the voice of private citizens, to help organize the workers and help them conduct all their daily struggles. We do so, not by pretty speeches, not by telling the law-makers, who are servants of the Big Business, how fine and noble they are, but by heading great movements of the masses which would make those gentlemen sit up and take notice. In other words, while the Left solicit votes in order to reform the State and thereby to make it more effective for the capitalists, we socialists practice revolutionary parliamentarianism, by which is meant strengthening the working class and weakening its enemies. We go to the law-making institutions, not to tinker them up for the benefit of the capitalists, but to be a monkey wrench in their machinery, preventing them from working smoothly on behalf of the masters. We use, while there, every step of those agents of the capitalists to expose them before the people, to show what these so-called representatives of the people and what all these so-called democratic institutions actually are. The workers no longer look to the benevolent action of the Labour Party for help in attaining the workers’ objective - the emancipation from wage slavery. The Socialist Party is the political organisation of the working class

The aim of the Socialist Party is to replace the world capitalist system with world socialism which will mark the end of classes and private property. We aim at ending the present capitalist system to its very foundation, such as its various institutions, organisations, even its traditions, science and art. which all are accessories to the capitalist system. we intend to realise a society that has neither rich nor poor, without classes, a society whose members can all secure their food, clothes and dwelling. Exploitation, oppression, and degradation will not exist in socialist society. Commodity production, that is, production for sale or exchange on the market, will not exist. The system of wage labour will be abolished and the guiding principle of labour will be “from each according to ability, to each according to need.” The means of production will be held communally and private property will be eliminated.

With the abolition of classes and class distinctions, all social and political inequality arising from them will disappear. The conflicts of interest between workers and farmers, town and country, manual and intellectual labour will disappear. As classes will not exist, the State will not be necessary as an instrument of class rule and will gradually have withered away. The social relationships between people will be above-board and principled. Labour will be conscious and enthusiastic as the way of life rather than only as a means of survival. The forces of production will be unleashed and there will be high standards of social wealth. There will be broad and profound advances made in the fields of education, art, culture and science, as the masses of people are free to pursue these endeavours. There will no longer be the struggle between opposing classes. The debates and discussions between old and new, humanity and nature, what is correct and incorrect, will propel the development of human society forward. 

Real power in this class struggle lies with the workers themselves, the Socialist Party shall strive for their awakening and organisation.

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