Monday, January 06, 2020

To our brothers and sisters

The Socialist Party addresses itself to our fellow-workers at this beginning of another new year expressing international working class solidarity about our common problems and our common tasks. The Socialist Party, the party of revolutionary socialism, greets its comrades and brothers and sisters of the working class of this country and throughout the world. We have no interests separate from the interests of the whole working class. The working class army is on the march and is taking the first big steps out of the capitalist swamp, capitalist disorganisation and capitalist barbarism.

Let us never forget, the one way in which our rulers and their governments continue to trick and dupe the people is by counting on our short memories. The capitalist media callously deceive the people as the capitalists plunged the people into the mass slaughter only in order to determine which set of bandits would rule the world for the greater right to pillage, to oppress, to exploit, to disfranchise and subjugate whole peoples and whole nations

Wars are a nightmare of suffering and devastation. Wherever the people have had the opportunity or the freedom to act, they have shown their desire for a new world. They want a world free of war, free of inequality, free of want. They want a world free of the rule of the few over the many. Our own freedom, depend on the freedom of others. We cannot allow them to be enslaved without becoming slaves ourselves. We extend a brotherly hand to the oppressed peoples everywhere.

Our planet has a capacity to produce beyond the wildest dreams of most people. This capacity was used primarily to produce the means of death and destruction. The resources and factories are there and if need be more can be built. The raw materials are available. The workforce is there. What stands in the way of full production, full employment and the fullest enjoyment of the fruits of our labour? Only the insatiable lust for profit of Big Business and the unplanned anarchy of capitalist production. In the midst of unparallelled opportunities to achieve plenty for all, millions are without and in misery. The working class is losing confidence in capitalism to deliver its promises of prosperity.

The employers are not only organising a profitable period for themselves, but preparing a bad time for employees. They understand that the way to have the workers at their mercy is to lower living standards, to depriveworkers of their rights and strength. The campaign of the capitalist class is deliberate, well planned, well organised and ominous.

The workers’ movement must regain its independence of action and must strike out on its own. It must become the champion of all the little people. It must be the cementing force uniting all those who toil. The Socialist Party is an organisation of revolutionary socialism, of internationalism. We are joined together on the basis of the great traditions of the world socialist movement. Our aim is to inspire the working class to the conscious, effective struggle to overturn the outlived, rotten system of, capitalism in order to replace it with a society on a socialist basis, free of class exploitation, oppression and inequality.

Everywhere the people tremble with fear of another war. Everywhere the governments are preparing another war yet cannot find a miserable few tens of millions of dollars for the building of homes because it is spending billions to produce armaments. The people are always being promised peace, but also prosperity, security, freedom from fear and from want. But these promises are never made real. Security means freedom from economic uncertainty for the workers and their family. It means the guarantee that the many good things of life that our highly advanced industry can produce so easily will be enjoyed by all, the guarantee that the life and future of the family, especially of the children, can be planned with confidence for years ahead. Yet the working class of this country enjoys no such security. How many workers feel confident that they will continue to have their present jobs a year or even six months from now? Millions of workers are already working only part time or in the gig economy. Millions are working under new backbreaking systems where we toil faster and harder. How is it possible to be free from fear under such circumstances? How it is possible to plan ahead a life. The promises made to us are fraudulent. The promises have remained promises.

The whole future of this world depends upon the working class. The curse of the working class is the modesty of its demands. The working class must awaken to a realisation of its power and its potential.

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