Wednesday, January 08, 2020

The Socialist Party - Champions of Peace

World socialism is the only guarantee of peace and undreamed of prosperity for the peoples of the world. The shifting sands of capitalist diplomacy and coalitions, agreements can change and be reversed. In these political quagmires there cannot be found a policy leading to permanent peace. These threats of war can only be ended by striking at the cause of the conflict; capitalism has brought us to this possible fratricide conflict. Our fellow-workers in all lands must stretch the hand of friendship across the frontiers.

The struggle for power in the Middle East threatens to escalate into an international military conflict. Amid the din of nationalist and bellicose rhetoric it is easier to complete the formation of a corporate authoritarian state based on reactionary values and repressive policies.
As usual, the warring cliques of our masters force us—ordinary people, whether wage workers, unemployed, students or pensioners—to fight for their interests. Intoxicating us with the narcotic drug of nationalism, they set us against one another and make us forget our real needs and interests. Their ‘nations’ are no business of ours. We have much more vital and pressing problems to deal with—how to make ends meet under the system that they have established in order to enslave and exploit us.
Don’t get carried away by the nationalist hysteria! To hell with their homelands, motherlands and fatherlands, to hell with their flags and anthems! 
This is not our war, and we should not take part in it and pay with our blood for their palaces, bank balances and political offices.
 And if our masters in Washington or Tehran start it, our duty is to oppose it. 
No war between peoples! No peace between classes!
War on war! Not a single drop of blood for ‘the nation’

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