Monday, January 13, 2020

Protests in Iran Begin Again

Protests against the government has resumed in Iran with two days of demonstrations in the streets. Iranian security forces have reportedly fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse the crowds

  "Our enemy is right here,” one group of protesters chanted. Others were shouting  anti-government slogans such as, “Down with the dictator.” Some called for “Death to the liars”, in reference to the initial denials that the Ukrainian jet was shot down by Iran's missile defences.

Demonstrations against a hike in fuel prices turned political last year, sparking the bloodiest crackdown in the 40-year history of the Islamic Republic. About 1,500 people were killed during less than two weeks of unrest that started in mid-November.

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ajohnstone said...

Clips of the protests and translations of the slogans being shouted.