Thursday, December 12, 2019

To-day, Don't Vote for Capitalism

The Socialist Party says that the working class should use Parliament in the course of building socialism. Our position is that the socialist-minded and democratically self-organised working class outside Parliament will establish socialism with the Socialist Party MPs as their instruments. The working class establishes socialism; the Socialist Party MPs are merely their delegates charged with carrying out certain formalities to try to ensure that the social revolution takes place in as coordinated and as peaceable a way as possible.

Although at present when there are so few socialists the role of the Socialist Party is essentially educational, when a a substantial number of fellow-workers come to want socialism, our role will be transformed. There will be no separation between it and the working class since the socialist political party will be the working class organised politically for socialism.

We have considered the question of what a minority of Socialist Party MPs in Parliament should do. In our view, their main task would be to use it as a tribune to propagate socialist ideas; under no circumstances should they do deals or form alliances with non-socialist MPs; nor should they initiate or propose any reforms to capitalism. However, that does not preclude them voting for certain measures proposed by other MPs if the socialist movement outside Parliament judged doing so to be in the interest of the working class (health and safety legislation, for instance). The Socialist Party MPs would at all times be answerable to the socialist working-class movement outside Parliament and be strictly mandated by it.

A mass desire for socialism is unlikely to arise solely from our steady process of education and consciousness-raising. What we say is that such campaigning for socialism will be an essential element in the process of the emergence of majority socialist understanding.

 The other element will be the working-class discontent that is endemic to capitalism. Many may suggest that this could be the result of a series of environment disasters and  disruptions. Or it could arise from a devastating war. Or the growing dehumanisation and break-down of communal  ties that capitalism is constantly weakening. Or perhaps even a particularly severe economic slump. Who knows? Who can know?

Most people think that whichever government is elected it will make no real difference to their lives.
Most people are right.

Most people think that political leaders are dishonest careerists.
Most people are right about that.

Most people think that the world is in a mess: millions unemployed, homelessness, a collapsing health service, wars, ecological destruction, countless millions starving.
Yes, society is in a hell of a mess.

Most people think that little can be done to change it.
They’re wrong.

All of the politicians in this election are asking you to vote for them so that they can carry on running capitalism—continuing the mess—piling on the misery.

What we need is a new society based on:
· The common ownership of all resources by the whole community, not just a rich minority.
· Democratic control of the community by everyone, without distinction of age, race or sex, instead of rule by unelected CEOs or government officials.
· Production for use, not profit.
· Free and equal access to all goods and services—an end to the market and to money.

Only the Socialist Party stands for genuine socialism.
A vote for the Socialist Party candidate means that:
· You reject the policies of the profit system.
· You understand and want the real socialist alternative.
· You do not need leaders to do your thinking and run society for you.
· You are going to vote for yourself—for a change.

· Vote Brian Johnson in Cardiff Central
· Vote Andy Thomas in Folkestone & Hythe

Elsewhere - Spoil your ballot

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