Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Richest Man in the World

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was dethroned from his perch atop the world’s richest people’s list, as luxury goods CEO Bernard Arnault saw his net worth skyrocket.

Mr Arnault became the first man in years whose last name is not Gates or Bezos to be able to call himself the world’s richest on Monday, with a net worth of $109.6bn, according to the Forbes list of real-time billionaires.

The ascent came after Arnault – the CEO of the luxury goods maker LVMH – added $34.3bn to his net worth in the past year alone. But,  Bezos reclaimed his title quickly, as Arnault’s net worth dropped to $109.3 billion, compared to Bezos’ $109.8bn.
With Bezos in first, and Arnault in second, that has left the other man who is often mentioned as among the richest – Bill Gates – in third place, with a comfortable $107.9bn.

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