Thursday, December 12, 2019

Socialist Rant No.2 (poem)

A Result of the General Election

A & E is overflowing, trains are cancelled or late,
Time to choose new administrators for the state.
The Queen is in the palace keeping warm her royal prerogative,
TV pundits are being clever-clever and mildly derogative,
Speeches have been spoken, manifestos begin
Making their way to the recycling bin.
Voters need convincing and this really explains
Why one absolutely, fundamental democratic question remains,
“What’s the best way to bribe millions?”
A simple question with a simple answer, “Borrow billions”.
The promise of such a capital infusion
Into the sick
Body politic
Buys an awful lot delusion.
Standing at the ballot stand,
Ballot string-tied pencil in hand,
Who then can honestly claim without fear of contradiction,
“I believe this rather than that political fiction.”
Too often, it seems, the biggest liar amongst liars
Turns out to be the one who inspires.
But, once votes are cast and choices made
Immediately the fine promises fade.
All that braggadocio talk of public spending,
A nation of sherbet and ambrosia never ending,
And all for free…
Turns out not to be!
Too late then for voters to express their regret
When public investment turns into very personal debt.
Once votes have been counted, the OUTs and the INs,
Whoever is first passed the post, Capitalism wins!

Cutty Soames


Unknown said...

Last line should say "past", not "passed".

Matthew Culbert said...

We are not going to change a poets words.