Friday, December 13, 2019

General Election Result

In the end the workers voted for the devil they knew. Boris Johnson, whose readiness to sell his soul and any other part of his anatomy to the devil as the price for power, finished first in this election.

The Socialist Party decided to contest the seats of Cardiff Central and Folkestone &Hythe with enthusiastic support from both members and supporters of the party. Manifestoes were printed and delivered free by the Post Office. A few mentions in the local media is but a beginning of our serious work in which we are determined to make the Socialist Party a force that the defenders of capitalism will be unable to ignore. The Socialist Party was formed in 1904. We contested our first local election before the Labour Party was ever officially formed. Whatever attitude you might have to our clear-cut case for world socialism and nothing less, we trust that nobody would try to dismiss our party as either incoherent eccentrics or insincere publicity-seekers. Scarcely an election  has passed without the Socialist Party mounting a campaign. Lack of resources prevents us putting up more candidates. If it is not "news-worthy" that a party stands in the election with the object of winning majority support for the establishment of a money-free, frontier-free, state-free society, then we shall have to continue to conduct our publicity without the aid of the mainstream mass media. We shall leave it to the good sense of our fellow-workers, whose ancestors fought and bled for the vote, to decide whether or not to give a democratic hearing to the case for a sane alternative to the profit system.

Our election campaign points out to our fellow-workers  a thing or two about how the capitalist system works. We made it clear to our fellow workers that while it is in their interest to vote for our candidates, we did not want their votes unless they were socialists. Our candidates did not stand as potential leaders. What they called for was a democratic socialist mandate. All of the other parties called on the workers to follow rather than think. 

We asked the workers not to vote for us unless they agreed and they obliged us. 

Our result was 88 votes for Brian Johnson in Cardiff Central and 69 votes for Andy Thomas in Folkestone & Hythe.

 If only those voters would now join. 

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