Tuesday, September 03, 2019

A "Bankers' Brexit":

 Corbyn denounces no deal as a "bankers' Brexit"

The anti-Corbyn media, i.e. most of them, criticised this as absurd, pointing to the list of bankers and other financiers who had bankrolled the Remain campaign.

There was not any mention of the fact that a different group of financiers bankrolled the Leave campaign.

Clearly, there was a split amongst financiers, with the mainstream
City establishment supporting Remain (for fear of being cut off from selling their "financial services" in the EU) with a smaller number of
mavericks engaged in less respectable dealings supporting Leave (as they didn't want EU regulation of their activities).

The second lot will indeed benefit from a No Deal Brexit, in fact from any Brexit. Which is why of course they bankrolled the Leave campaign.


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