Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Socialist Party

Capitalism is a spectacle of riches in the hands of the capitalist class while for the overwhelming majority of the people it is immense poverty. The Socialist Party tries to explain these things to our fellow-workers, to educate them to understand its lot under capitalism and to win them over to socialism as the only hope of freedom, and security for all of mankind. Genuine security and plenty for all will come with the abolition of the capitalist system of exploitation and the operation of industry for the production of the needs of life for use rather than profit. The Socialist Party is dedicated to transforming capitalism into a new society for the betterment of the whole humanity i.e., socialism. The success of the other political parties is measured solely by their lies they tell, and the false promises they give. It has becomes a political necessity to grow the Socialist Party because the whole world now faces either socialism or barbarism. Since its inception the Socialist Party has never veered from this goal. It has relentlessly championed the cause of labour even throughout all the years of reaction.

The Socialist Party is an organisation representing the interests of the working class. Our small size alone is unimportant in relation to our principled stand. The Socialist Party prides itself because in the years of its independent existence, it has defended the interests of labour by carrying on the struggle against the capitalist system for a new and better society. Our responsibility is first and foremost to tell the workers the truth. And this we strived to do, to help the fight against the profiteers, to assert their economic and political rights and to oppose placing the burdens of austerity upon the shoulders of working people and placing them where they belong – on the shoulders of the capitalist class. They need the knowledge of their own strength to enable them to construct a better world – a world free from hunger, unemployment, war and destruction. Ours is a party of and for our fellow-workers. We try to be the voice and the conscience of the working class and offer a new perspective – that of revolutionary socialism. Our task is not to traffic on the ignorance and backwardness of fellow-workers, not to attempt to win them unawares and by stealth, but on the contrary, to enlighten them and to show them the necessary steps to take along the road to power. It will be solely by the independent action of working people, those who produce the wealth of society, that power and privilege can be eliminated and a world of peace and plenty for all be built. This will be a day of genuine democracy in the world: democracy and freedom for the oppressed from injustice and inequality, and instead peace and plenty for all the people. Now, is the time to work for the aim of a new social order, with liberty for all. Just as sure as the sun will rise, we will, by virtue of our principles, become the socialist party of the people, the party of the future. Our aim is to sharpen anti-capitalist views and draw the central lesson that the capitalist class as a whole is the enemy, its politicians included; that the capitalist system must be destroyed; and that the international working class has the social power to accomplish this.

While capitalism is incapable and unwilling to produce in the interests of the common good of the people, while production is organised solely in the interests of profit, invention which could lighten the lives of the people and produce enough to have plenty for all, is impossible in an economy where the main aim of those who own the industries, mines, transportation and utilities is production for profit. The question is this: is it possible for capitalism, a society organised in the interests of profits for a handful of people who live off the exploitation of the overwhelming majority of the people of the world to use computers and artificial intelligence for constructive purposes in the interests of mankind? The answer is, of course, no.

Capitalist society is doomed to destruction. Only a socialist society, a society without classes, without war, without competition, without unemployment, and poverty can properly utilise the harness resources of the planet. The destruction of the world is a grim reality unless capitalism is abolished and replaced by socialism, the society of all the people.

The Socialist Party is dedicated to the cause of socialism, the emancipation of mankind from the horrors and fears and terrors of capitalism and the creation of a new society oi brotherhood, of comradeship, of freedom, of peace and plenty for all. Our great crusade , the noblest that there is, will be to cleanse this world of capitalism's evil and terrible plagues—of exploitation of man by man, of human degradation and want, of the scourge of wars. Because only in the socialist society can plenty for all be achieved; and only a system of socialised medicine can distribute the fruits of modern medical genius “to each according to needs.”

The struggle for a new life, for a socialist society of plenty for all, will go on. We don’t believe in choosing the “lesser evil” over a greater evil, when such a choice exists. We choose instead something good for working men and women: A SOCIALIST PARTY!

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