Thursday, July 11, 2019

South Wales Branch Meeting (Cardiff 13/7)

Saturday July 13,  
Caffe Nero, 
Capitol Shopping Centre, 
Queen Street, 
Cardiff CF10 2HQ

Why join the Socialist Party?

Though it is corrupt and decadent to the core, capitalism is an extremely powerful system, bolstered all the time by their class solidarity. The rich combine to confuse and humiliate working people. The only answer is for workers to join together to fight back. Members of the Socialist Party are no better or cleverer than anyone else but if we work together we can have far more influence on society than if we acted as atomised individuals. It is made up those men and women who are most conscious of the need to fight, the most determined to fight for the liberation of their whole class. The Socialist Party bases itself firmly on the theory of Marxism and its world view of historical materialism. Marxism shows how the working class is exploited by the capitalist class; why capitalism must be overthrown and replaced by socialism; and how working people must fight to realize these goals. This theory provides the essential tools workers need to apply to their struggle for their emancipation

The aim of the Socialist Party is the overthrow of the capitalist class and its replacement with socialism. Every political party defends the interest of one class or another in society. On all questions, in every battle, the Socialist Party defends the interests of the working class. The Socialist Party’s role is to educate and organise our fellow-workers. The Socialist Party is the organisation that can orient the struggle of the entire class. It can bring an overall perspective to workers and unite all the separate battles into one powerful revolutionary movement. The Socialist Party can turn the spontaneous anger of the workers into the conscious political struggle to put an end to this criminal system. In this sense, the Socialist Party is the party of the working class. One of the primary tasks of the Socialist Party is the political education of the working class. We explain the true nature of the system that oppresses workers, and the need for socialist revolution. Our task is to bring class consciousness to the working class – the understanding of workers’ historic mission.

The Socialist Party has not succumbed to reformism and has resisted the lure of political office. We are not afraid of isolation. There are times when socialists, if they are to remain true to their principles, have no other alternative. We endured misinformation, disinformation or simple slander as we maintained principles. We have survived. We are proud of our stand. We retract nothing and regret nothing. We stand in solidarity with the just struggles of all workers. The Socialist Party uses elections as a forum to expose the corrupt nature of capitalist economics. We also use them to denounce the injustice of the existing social order and urge the workers on in their fight. We stand for the total destruction of capitalism.

We urge all revolutionary workers to join the Socialist Party with its ideas and traditions to add their energies to the efforts in a common struggle to build world socialism. Join with us to put an end to injustice, to do away with this capitalist system. The Socialist Party is the only one to represent the interest of the working class. It is the party that defends the cause of all the working people. Our cause is a just cause. It is the cause of all those who are exploited and oppressed by capitalism. It is the cause of the liberation of all humanity.

Workers, rally to your Party!

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