Friday, June 21, 2019

Jobs and Anti-Immigration

Well worth a read is this article from Critisticuffs on the relationship between immigration and pay and working conditions.

 It particularly exposes those on the left-wing who have adopted a nationalist exclusionary position to migrant workers by making "...the mistake of declaring ownership of something which isn’t theirs: our jobs, our wages and our economy. They also misidentify what is being demanded and supplied on the labour market. As a result, they consider migrants to be the driving force for wage levels, economic growth and unemployment instead of the capitalist firms that make hiring, firing and investment decisions..."

"...The demand for work can therefore go up even as people flood through the borders, or go down even though not a single new soul enters the labour market. What determines demand is the rate of capital’s expansion, and the availability of workers at profitable rates. Workers are mere dependents in this relationship...The fundamental determination of wage levels is by the accumulation of capital, not by some poor suckers looking for a job like everybody else."

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