Thursday, June 06, 2019

Climate Change - Bad News Again

On current global heating trends, thousands of people are set to perish due to the heat every year across 15 major US cities, in an analysis by a team of British and American researchers.

Once the average worldwide temperature rises to 3C (5.4F) above the pre-industrial period nearly 5,800 people are expected to die each year in New York City due to the heat, more than 2,500 are forecast to die annually in Los Angeles and more than 2,300 lives will be lost annually in Miami.
Kristie Ebi, a study co-author and public health expert at the University of Washington, explained, “Climate change, driven by greenhouse gas emissions, is affecting our health, our economy and our ecosystems. This study adds to the body of evidence of the harms that could come without rapid and significant reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions.”
“We are no longer counting the impact of climate in change in terms of degrees of global warming, but rather in terms of number of lives lost,” said the report’s co-author Dann Mitchell, from the University of Bristol’s Cabot Institute.

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