Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Brexit Party: The pop up shop, and it's takers.

Looking strong in the polls, Nigel Farage's Brexit Party appear set to mop up courtesy of the European Parliament being elected through proportional representation.

In an effort to drop the unsavoury baggage associated with the previous party of Brexit  (and in short enough time period to avoid accruing it all once again) Farage has mobilised millionaires and political misfits alike in an effort to drum up popular support for US regulatory and trade standards, all wrapped in the guise of protectionism in the name of the British worker.

The Brexit Party are the political representation of a pop up shop, a flash sale of short term and cheap political messages combined with the financial backing endowed upon the retail giants. While you may get a "branded" coat for three quarters of the price, you can rest assured that there will be a no returns policy, and indeed that the shop may well be vacated by the time you realise any fault.

It is not only Daily Mail readers who appear to be taking the bait. As bemusing as it is unsurprising, the likes of George Galloway and the CPGB-ML are advocating a "one time only" vote for the Brexit Party. In seeing the pending nature of Brexit as a so called betrayal of the workers, the aforementioned appear to have forgotten what the Brexit Party stand for. 

Voting for the Brexit Party is seemingly understood to be entirely synonymous with an initial vote for Brexit. It is of course, complete nonsense to compare a vote in a binary referendum to that for an actual political entity, no matter how much it attempts to obfuscate the genuine nature of its political beliefs.

It would make somewhat more logical sense  that a self proclaimed socialist or revolutionary entity would stand for the immediate goal of socialism (like The Socialist Party are in the South East), rather than support a right wing party in a manner so tenous that it beggars belief.

To summarise, Nigel Farage and his millionaire funded Brexit brigade are not, and will never be, on the side of the rank and file in Britain. Whatever your stance is on Brexit itself, a vote for the Brexit Party is a vote to degrade conditions for wage labourers and the propertyless in this part of the capitalist world.  

James Clark

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