Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Bosses Game of Thrones

The Socialist Party today has candidates standing in the South East of England contesting the European Union elections. No doubt we will lose our deposit and harvest relatively only a few votes for our case for socialism. It makes observers wonder why we in the Socialist Party still persist. So, is a vote for the Socialist Party a wasted vote? The answer is no. By now some of you will have grown weary of listening to the mainstream candidates in this election. They have waffled on and on about Brexit and Remain. All nationalisms are reactionary because they inevitably clash with class consciousness and poison it with chauvinism. Our view is that a bloc of states such as the EU ultimately exists only to defend the property interests of the owning class and to protect the interests of the capitalists and their businesses at every turn. Those Brexiteers who say that the main enemy is in Brussels and Strasbourg mislead workers into thinking we have less to fear from the British capitalist class. Brexit has no answers for the working class and would continue to be used by the millionaires and multi-nationals to control and rule. Most of us don’t own a single square inch of the UK. It doesn’t belong to us: we just live here and work for the people who do own it. In or out of the EU, that won’t change. Society is run in the interests of those who own the wealth. They argue among each other over , GDP rates, profits, imports and exports, because where the borders lie matters only to the ruling class. Not to us. 

Our goal is socialism, a new social system based on common ownership of our resources and industry, cooperation, production for use and genuine democracy. Only socialism can turn the boundless potential of our class and resources to the creation of a world free from tyranny, greed, poverty and exploitation. Capitalism has failed, and so have efforts to reform it. That failure puts a campaign for the socialist alternative on the immediate agenda. We will recognise ourselves, not as British or European but as members of humanity. 

Running Socialist Party candidates is all about exposing the agenda of the employing class, challenging the false promises and policy lies of the pro-capitalist candidates, and putting forward socialism as the alternative for working people. Running candidates is about providing a platform to gain support for the idea of socialism. Elections are an organising tool to expose the powers that be and to confront the ideology of the bosses. Elections are one of the best ways for socialists to get a public hearing. Elections should be seen as a great arena to publicise and populise socialist ideas. It is marvellously morale–raising to discover while canvassing that there are already a great many socialists out there, and many more potential socialists. It would be difficult to campaign for election without making new contacts, new recruits and increasing the working class' understanding of political realities and socialist ideas. Party members and volunteers grow immensely as speakers, and organisers. And voters are refreshed by real solutions. If we socialists don’t speak up for socialism in the electoral arena, who will?

If you think you've been cheated over the years, you're right; capitalism is nothing but a racket. The proof of the failure of the world capitalist system to meet the needs and aspirations of the majority of the population of every country of the world is there for all to see, clear and manifest, if only they will open their eyes wide and acknowledge the overwhelming evidence. Politics, the activities associated with how a country or an area is run, is something which should engage the interest and activity of every citizen worldwide as it bears directly on all aspects of life. The reason for contempt or indifference towards politics comes from a history of being excluded, the expectation of being excluded and the acceptance of being excluded. To be heard, to be considered, to be represented honestly we need to be involved in the decision-making processes, not to be told what is in our best interest by self-serving professional politicians. We need a system that works for us all, of which we're all an integral part, a system we're prepared to work to attain.

The Socialist Party appeals to real socialists, those who, to quote the Communist Manifesto, “disdain to conceal their aims.” We take on those phony pseudo-socialists who pin their hopes on backing capitalist reformers as a way to build for socialism. Why head south to go north. 

A socialist is not a member of, or supporter of, any capitalist party whatever. This is the first test of socialist seriousness and sincerity. The problem is this gives socialist cover to a capitalist party. For example, though the Greens may desire a kinder, gentler capitalism, the practical outcome of their dreams can be seen in Europe where they have been in coalition. Greens prosecute wars, impose austerity, and more. Why would socialists feed the Green Party’s false hopes that capitalism can be fixed?

The Socialist Party and its 10 candidates are alone in speaking for the working class and fighting for its interests in these 2019 EU elections. The working class cannot defend its independent class interests except through a complete political break with all the parties and organisations that defend the profit system. Workers must reject all forms of racism, nationalism and xenophobia, including the demonising of migrant workers and political refugees. The aim of our campaign is to develop a working class, imbued with socialist consciousness, and armed with the understanding that nothing less than the abolition of the capitalist profit system and the establishment of world socialism can provide a future for humanity as a whole; free of war, poverty and oppression. Presently, the Socialist Party lacks the resources in this election. Some voters will support the candidate who is the “least worst” until such a time that there is a real candidate who truly represents us. In this election, the arguments don't pit capitalism against socialism. It's about trying to decide what kind of capitalism there will be – we have a choice of capitalisms. Sometimes not voting is the way to be heard yet non-voting is often indistinguishable from apathy. It sends no message at all. The only thing that can transform "apathy" into an actual political force is to organise the non-voters. This is why Socialist Party always advocate workers to vote even when there is no one to vote for. We suggest a spoiled ballot or as we describe it, a write-in vote for socialism. It may not help much – it might even seem to some just a pointless gesture — but at least it can’t hurt. We will be advocating a third choice - a spoiled ballot with the words “world socialism” written on it. The Socialist Party is committed to destroying the capitalist system, the root cause of all oppression. It aims to unmask the irrationality of Don’t degrade yourself by sinking to the “lesser of two evil” mentality. On this occasion, go to the polling-booth and inscribe, “WORLD SOCIALISM!” upon your voting paper.

Today, if you agree with the Socialist Party, vote:

Mandy Bruce,
Ray Carr,
Dave Chesham,
Rob Cox,
Mike Foster,
Stephen Harper,
Neil Kirk,
Anton Pruden,
Andy Thomas,
Darren Williams.

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