Sunday, May 05, 2019

Marx was Born 201 years ago

5th of May 1818 was when Marx was born. As a Marxist-based  party we hold the following:

1. The scheme of social evolution (primitive communism, chattel slavery, feudalism, capitalism. communism) was meant as a description of what had happened in Western Europe and was not necessarily universally applicable.

2. The socialist revolution depended on a certain level of social and economic development and could not take place anytime and anywhere merely because a determined minority wanted and willed it.

3. Those who represented a ruling class politically do not have to be of that class, but merely share its views and protect its material interests.

4. Under capitalism the working class are already the economically important class since the capitalists have become economically redundant “leaving the work of supervision to an increasingly numerous category of managers.” All that's needed to dislodge them from their privileged position is a political revolution.

5. To win political power the working class as a whole have to be conscious of their common class position, class interests, and class enemies, and be willing to act upon that consciousness and to have organised themselves into a gigantic political party.

6. After winning political power the working class would for a limited or short period become the governing class as a step towards the abolition of all classes. This political transition period would be the often misinterpreted "dictatorship of the proletariat" as a whole, and not of a minority of revolutionary leaders.

7. In socialist society production of commodities, i.e. articles for sale, would come to an end. Instead production would no longer be directed by the interests of a privileged minority but would be guided by an overall rational plan which had reference solely to human needs.

8. In socialist society the coercive State machine would be replaced by a non-political type of administration and there would be the effective communal decision-making body without coercion.

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