Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Driving out Islam

The Guardian is running a story on the persecution of Muslims and in particular the Uighur population.

The Socialist Party's journal has also drawn attention to this repression by the Chinese state



The Guardian explains that "...in the name of containing religious extremism, China has overseen an intensifying state campaign of mass surveillance and policing of Muslim minorities — many of them Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking group that often have more in common with their Central Asian neighbours than their Han Chinese compatriots. Researchers say as many as 1.5 million Uighurs and other Muslims have been involuntarily sent to internment or re-education camps, claims that Beijing rejects.

Campaigners believe authorities have bulldozed hundreds, possibly thousands of mosques as part of the campaign. But a lack of records of these sites — many are small village mosques and shrines — difficulties police give journalists and researchers traveling independently in Xinjiang, and widespread surveillance of residents have made it difficult to confirm reports of their destruction.

Experts say the razing of religious sites marks a return to extreme practices not seen since the Cultural Revolution when mosques and shrines were burned, or in the 1950s when major shrines were turned into museums as a way to desacralise them.

Critics say authorities are trying to remove even the history of the shrines. Rahile Dawut, a prominent Uighur academic who documented shrines across Xinjiang, disappeared in 2017. Her former colleagues and relatives believe she has been detained because of her work preserving Uighur traditions..."

This blog wonders what would be the media coverage if they were Christians and those holy places Christian churches? Would it be only one newspaper's exclusive story?


Anonymous said...

But it is in other papers and On BBC ,

ajohnstone said...

This was an exclusive Guardian story in that they went further than other media by doing more research by using satellite photography.

Other reports fail to make the problem a main feature.

But the post can be justifiably criticized for not drawing attention to the story that Christians are facing genocide in many places.