Thursday, May 09, 2019

Brexit - A Statement

A request was received yesterday from the Hastings Independent newspaper for information about the Party’s stance on Brexit.  Here are extracts from our lengthy response:
The furore surrounding Brexit reveals two things. The British capitalist class is deeply split as regards to their relationship with the EU. The larger employers with greater global connections tend to favour staying in the customs union and the single market, whereas smaller businesses that rely mainly on the UK market and resent EU red tape prefer to leave the EU.
Workers are encouraged to take sides in what is essentially a dispute between employers, as to how they manage their trading relationships. Unfortunately, this has reinforced divisions within the working class – between ‘native’ workers and immigrant workers; between Remain supporting workers who tend to be more affluent and Leave supporters, who, in large part, come from poorer areas.
Brexit is a distraction for British workers. Whether the UK is in or out of the EU, workers will continue to experience the problems of wage or salary employment. They should unite for socialism, a global, classless, moneyless society of common ownership.


Anonymous said...

Good response. I’ll be voting for your candidates

Anonymous said...

I class myself as a socialist so when I saw your party on my Vote form this morning I gave you guys a google, as I didn’t know much about the party.
Just browsing through your page, then reading this statement I feel you have my vote.