Friday, May 17, 2019

Australia Chooses

 18th May, is General Election day for Australia. A fitting socialist response is this song by Bill Casey (deceased), a member of the one time (World) Socialist Party of Australia.

Bump Me Into Parliament (tune: Yankee Doodle)

Come listen, all kind friends of mine
I want to move a motion,
To build an El Dorado here,
I've got a bonzer notion.

Bump me into Parliament,
Bounce me any way,
Bang me into Parliament,
On next election day.

Some very wealthy friends I know
Declare I am most clever
While some may talk for an hour or so
Why I can talk forever.

I know the Arbitration Act
As a sailor knows his 'riggins'
So if you want a small advance
I'll talk to Justice Higgins

Oh yes I am a Labor man
And believe in revolution
The quickest way to bring it on
Is talking constitution.

I've read my bible ten times through,
And Jesus justifies me
The man who does not vote for me
By Christ he crucifies me.

So bump them into Parliament
Bounce them any way,
Bung them into Parliament
Don't let the Courts decay.

by Bill Casey

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