Friday, November 09, 2018

We can feed the planet's people

The scale and pace of food production would not need to increase to feed an extra 1 billion people by 2030.” This is according to a report released this week by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture organisation (FAO). 

3 billion people worldwide are affected by poor-quality diets but there is neither a lack of food, nor a lack in food quality upon production.

One in every five deaths globally are associated with poor diets.

"Every year, approximately 1.3 billion metric tonnes of food.

 Around 25% of all meat produced, equivalent to 75 million cows.

 30% of the total fish and seafood harvested each year is lost.
 The report explains that poor diets are caused by consuming poor-quality foods as well as by a general lack of food, of any sort. More people die from not receiving the appropriate amount of food and nutrients that they are entitled to than from threatening illnesses like malaria and tuberculosis.

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