Friday, November 09, 2018

French Poverty

Single mothers, elderly women and foreigners are among those most affected by poverty in France, according to a new report which details some shocking figures on poverty levels in one of the world's wealthiest nations.

In total there were around 8.8 million people living below the poverty line in France in 2017. In France this means they are living on an income of less than €1,026 a month, and many of them live on considerably less.

In terms of resources, two-thirds of the unemployed live solely on the RSA, France's basic form of job seekers allowance, with an average monthly income of €500 a month. 
"We always talk about income, but never what is left to live on, an amount which continues to decline," said director of the  Secours Catholique charity,Bernard Thibaud . "To eradicate extreme poverty, it is estimated that the RSA should be €850", he said, adding that the French government is refusing to conduct a major revaluation of unemployment benefit
Among the families met by Secours Catholique 42 percent of them are foreign and of this 42 percent, 56 percent of them are without legal status and therefore do not have the right to work or benefit from welfare.  
"This undermines the prejudice that foreigners come to France to take advantage of social welfare," Thibaud said. "People say they benefit from the system but many are not even aware of their rights."

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