Monday, October 22, 2018

The Paupers Funeral

The number of public health funerals,  known as paupers' funerals, in Wales in 2017-18 was the highest for at least five years, figures have shown.

146 ceremonies held by public authorities for those who died alone, in poverty or without family willing to help - up 62% on 2013-14.

Low savings, living costs and funeral prices means many can't afford the costs of a funeral.

Cardiff-based funeral comparison website About the Funeral, said: "Because the cost of living is so great and the cost of a funeral is great, people can't afford it. One in eight, from the latest research, can't afford a funeral and they are going into debt to the tune of £2,500 to cover the shortfall."
Cremations without ceremony for £1,305, and a "simple ceremony" for £1,895.


 7.30PM – 12TH NOVEMBER 

Venue: Unitarian Church, 
High Street, 
Swansea SA1 1NZ


aberfoyle said...

Talked to the sextant in charge,he said,cant cremate,getting it fixed,truth,asked how much then to get cremated,well,look the papers all over the place,he lookin at me what the fuck,just would like to know the cost of a cremation,do i have to be imbalmed first.Found it,$753,no $782,CANT FIND the numbers,but you do not have to be embalmed.
THE cost of being disposed off,what capitalist exploited fraud.

ajohnstone said...

I signed a contract with the local medical school so that my corpse can be used for the education of aspiring doctors and nurses.

Pick up the body in for free, a small ceremony when they have finished with you in the hospital chapel and then a free cremation.