Friday, October 26, 2018

More murders by the Saudi Arabians

Another bombing by Saudi-led forces killed over 20 civilians and 10 more injured at a Yemeni fruit-and-vegetable market near the key port of Hodeida.  All of the causalities were civilians. UN slammed the "shocking price" paid by non-combatants.

 The highly-lethal strike hit a vegetable-packing facility in the town of Bayt el-Faqih. The latest Saudi-led strike comes six days after its forces fired missiles at the crowded fish market at Hodeida, less than two weeks after a separate air raid killed at least 17 people riding a bus in the port city, and three and a half months after another bombing killed 51 people, including 40 children on a school trip.

"The economic collapse is Yemen's silent killer; many Yemenis are struggling just to survive," said Tamer Kirolos, the head of Save the Children group in Yemen, on Thursday.

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