Monday, September 24, 2018

Privileged Education

Oxford has been branded Britain’s least socially inclusive university with new data showing more than 60 per cent of its students went to private or grammar school.

 Just one in 10 students at both Oxford and Cambridge consider themselves working-class, compared with 58 per cent at the University of Bradford.

The majority of the Russell Group, an association of 24 universities, were among the least inclusive, with 16 of the bottom 20, including the University of St Andrews, Cambridge and Durham. In a sign that the highest achieving institutions are less accessible to those from poorer backgrounds.

MP David Lammy said many of Britain’s best universities remained “gated communities for the privileged”. Last year,  Lammy accused Oxford University of “social apartheid” after obtaining figures showing that just 11 per cent of new undergraduates in 2017 came from disadvantaged backgrounds. Between 2010 to 2015 only three of Oxford’s 32 colleges made an offer to a black A-level applicant every year.

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