Sunday, September 23, 2018

Katie Hopkins - The Deranged

Katie Hopkins is due to address an extreme rightwing party on Sunday alongside speakers that include a Holocaust denier and a controversial US anti-Muslim campaigner who is banned from entering the UK.
She is due to appear at the conference of For Britain, a party founded by the former Ukip leadership contender and anti-Muslim activist Anne Marie Waters.  Internal polling of For Britain’s members reveals that nearly half support a ban on people coming to the UK from Pakistan, Bangladesh or Somalia.
Demagogue Hopkins is joined by guest speakers who include Ingrid Carlqvist, a Swedish anti-Muslim writer who has engaged in Holocaust denial, and the well-known Islamophobe Robert Spencer, who will address the audience via a video link after being barred from entering the UK by the Home Office in 2013.
Hopkins is also set to speak at the annual conference of the far-right Traditional Britain Group (TBG) in October. The TBG is a party run by the former Tory fringe figure Gregory Lauder-Frost, who has talked of deporting people who are not white to their “natural homelands”. 

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