Friday, September 21, 2018

Genocide in Myanmar

Canadian lawmakers have unanimously voted to declare Myanmar’s military actions against the Rohingya people a genocide.
The House of Commons endorsed the findings of a UN fact-finding mission on Myanmar that found “crimes against humanity have been committed against the Rohingya” and that these acts were sanctioned by top Myanmar military commanders.
Canadian lawmakers said they “recognise that these crimes against the Rohingya constitute genocide” and urged the UN security council to refer the case to the international criminal court, while also calling for Myanmar’s generals to be investigated and prosecuted “for the crime of genocide”.
Meanwhile, the Burmese generals responsible for atrocities against Rohingya Muslims must be punished for their crimes, British foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt has said. The United Nations should look at all options, including a referral to the international criminal court, the British foreign secretary added.
Hunt gave a sympathetic account of Aung San Suu Kyi’s dilemma. “Myanmar has a constitution that is only halfway to a democracy and the military are not accountable to her,” he said. “One has to understand the difficulty of her position.” 
Although that was not what they were saying at the time when the government and  corporations eagerly anticipating trade deals were celebrating the triumph of "democracy.
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