Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Ignoring the fact that infant classes over 30 have doubled since 2011 due to cuts,
Prince Charles says that he is ‘very concerned' about the decline of arts in schools.

Our schools don't need no extra funds,
It's Monet that they need; (1)
And Manet, many times a day, (2)
So minds don't run to seed.
Kids from the Giotto and slums, (3)
With Hockney dialects; (4)
Should not feel Gorky anymore, (5)
As everyone expects”.

Cezanne, my sister, who has the, (6)
Same Miro image view; (7)
'All of our children should acquire,
A sense of Degas-vu. (8)
Kids on their Botticelli's as, (9)
They all sit down to lunch;
Should have some Bacon, Pollock too, (10) (11)
To Munch with their school brunch'”. (12)

The little Dali-ngs could enjoy, (13)
An Ingres of new art; (14)
To Turner head or two so they, (15)
Can play their tiny part.
This movement is no false Vermeer, (16)
Of tosh, anonymous;
The kiddies need to wet their t-Hirst, (17)
On Bosch, Hieronymous”! (18)

The poli-Titian-s all require, (19)
A firm Klimt in their eye; (20)
If they want art to Emin-ate, (21)
From the low to the high.
I'm not a Whistler in the dark, (22)
Mine's an important role;
So Hals about you don't say I, (23)
Talk out of my Warhol”! (24)

Charles, Prince of Wales

(1) Claude Monet; (2) Edouard Manet; (3) Giotto di Bondone; (4) David Hockney;
(5) Arshile Gorky; (6) Paul Cezanne; (7) Joan Miro; (8) Edgar Degas;
(9) Sandro Botticelli; (10) Francis Bacon; (11) Jackson Pollock; (12) Edvard Munch;
(13) Salvador Dali; (14) Jean Ingres; (15) William Turner; (16) Jan Vermeer;
(17) Damien Hirst; (18) Hieronymous Bosch; (19) Titian (Tiziano Vecellio); (20) Gustav Klimt;
(21) Tracey Emin; (22) Rex Whistler; (23) Franz Hals; (24) Andy Warhol.

© Richard Layton

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