Tuesday, August 07, 2018

A LOAD OF OLD BALL? (weekly poem)


Prince Charles in written evidence to the Independent Inquiry
into Child Sexual Abuse denied he was part of an Establishment
cover-up on behalf of Bishop Ball claiming he'd been, “misled”.

A foolish prince or cover-up?
Was good Prince Charles misled?
Some think he's wet behind the ears,
And some, soft in the head.

Yet Charles in other matters seems,
To think there are no flies;
Upon his Royal personage,
And that he is, 'all-wise'!

But we know the Establishment, (1)
That well-known Old Boys Club;
Will close ranks and protect its flanks,
And therein lies the rub.

Undoubtedly, Charles fooled himself,
“How could the great unwashed,
Spread beastly boobs about the Bish?
The bounders must be squashed”! (2)

The problem is, he's into faith,
That pathway, 'to the truth';
For those still into childish things,
Before the wit of youth!

And thus to Charles, the Bishop was,
A pillar of the Church;
Who left him like the innocents, (3)
Completely in the lurch.

(1) The Inquiry has shown that prominent figures in the Church
of England and elsewhere obstructed the police enquiry.

(2) In a 1997 letter, the prince said of a critic of Ball:
"I'll see this horrid man off if he tries anything." (BBC)

(3) Despite his protestations to Prince Charles that he was being
victimised, Bishop Ball received a 32 month jail sentence. Other
charges of sexual misconduct were allowed to, 'lie on the table'.

© Richard Layton

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