Sunday, July 01, 2018

Protest and Survive (2)

Thousands of protestors from Lancaster to the Isle of Wight converged on London on Saturday to celebrate the NHS in the week it turns 70 and to demand the government acts to ensure it is around in another 70 years’ time.

See the Socialist Party's view on the NHS in this month's Socialist Standard.

The new NHS organisations will try and save money, and that will mostly come from the terms and conditions of their staff – sweating them, providing a service at the same or less cost as before overall, but making their profit out of paying their staff less. Of course, the NHS has always had a massive private element – staff in certain sectors have been able to accrue large wage packets from the NHS labour market; pharmaceutical companies and other providers have always been paid through the market. Ultimately, the provision of health and social insurance within capitalism depends on the capacity of the workers as a class to wring payment out of the owners of the world.  So long as the wages system exists the fight is on to secure the means of living, no matter how the owners squabble among themselves about how to pay us our due.

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