Tuesday, July 17, 2018

FAREWELL BORIS? (weekly poem)

Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary over
the Brexit terms. Some say his real aim in supporting
Brexit was simply a ploy to become Prime Minister.

The truth is plain, the myth is spent,
Can there be any doubt;
That Boris Johnson's run his course,
And now is down and out?

Behind the bluff exterior,
“A nasty piece of work”; (1)
Who plays the jester and the fool,
To hide dark thoughts that lurk.

A calculating Eton toff,
Who pushed the farce too hard;
The game of bluff is over now,
He's ceased to be 'the card'.

The blonde toupee is now passé,
The push bike tyres flat;
The big buffoon is just a loon,
A pothole's sent him splat.

Another would-be Churchill has,
Slipped down the great man ranks;
And if there was a God above,
We all would give him thanks.

If Heathrow’s new third runway’s built,
The Fibster said he’d lie;
In front of the bulldozers there—
That’s one lie he’ll pass by! (2)

So is it farewell, Boris J.,
Will voters now see sense?
Or will some British people still,
Continue to be dense?

(1) TV interviewer, Eddie Mair, called Boris “ A nasty piece of work” after
he admitted giving a friend's telephone number to someone who wanted
that friend beaten-up. He also admitted writing articles with false quotes.

(2) Boris promised to lie in front of a bulldozer if a third runway was agreed
for London Airport. At the vote in Parliament he made sure he was abroad.

© Richard Layton

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