Monday, July 16, 2018

Dehumanising Kafala

Black women working in Lebanon routinely face racism, sexism and discrimination stemming from a "dehumanising" sponsorship system, rights groups said.

Rights groups say the kafala system used across the Arab world exploits workers and denies them the ability to travel or change jobs.
"The kafala system contributes to dehumanising Shamila and 300,000 other women in her situation in Lebanon. It denies them their most basic human rights," said Anti-Racism Movement (ARM).
Lala Arabian, executive manager at Insane Association, a local non-profit fighting for human and migrant rights said she is "ashamed and angry" over the lack of human rights for migrants in Lebanon.
"Migrant women are being deported even when they make claims that they were physically abused, raped, years of unpaid wages, etc," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in a statement.

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