Thursday, June 07, 2018

Perhaps a possible peace in Yemen

A U.N. peace plan for Yemen calls on the Houthi movement to give up its ballistic missiles in return for an end to a bombing campaign against it by a Saudi-led coalition and a transitional governance agreement, according to a draft of the document and sources. The plan has not yet been made public and could still be modified.

Issues such as constitutional and electoral processes, and reconciliation among the sides would be dealt with later as part of a transition agenda, it says. The draft document calls for establishing an inclusive transition government, led by an agreed-upon prime minister, “in which political components shall be adequately represented.” The plan offers no further detail on how much representation the Houthis might receive in such a transition government.

 It is unclear whether the new plan will fare any better given the divergent interests of fighters on the ground and international backers.

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