Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Stopping the news in Gaza

 Al-Jazeera journalist Hoda Abdel-Hamid, a three-time Emmy award winner, explains, 
"Yesterday in two instances, I was attacked. First, a sniper’s bullet landed less than one metre away. The second time, tear gas fell from a drone. We were not close to the fence, but in an evident journalist position, behind the protesters. Both attacks happened in the same place. The Israeli soldiers who are shooting are elite snipers, and Israel always says that each bullet is carefully considered, so they aimed at us intentionally. When it comes to the drone, an Israeli pilot behind the fence is directing the drone and monitoring what is below, then the pilot presses the release button. The Israeli army is a sophisticated army – they know what they’re doing. When you stand near the border and you see snipers in their high positions, you cannot think otherwise than that they target journalists – unless they are shooting randomly, which the army denies."
FRANCE 24 spoke to two other journalists who were present One of them said: "We received the tear gas while we were very far from the border. The tear gas canisters were dropped by drones. So we have reasons to believe they did this knowingly."

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