Thursday, May 10, 2018

Segregated America

Trump has suspended a three-year-old housing regulation designed to discourage racial segregation in cities and towns. Adopted under former President Barack Obama in 2015, the rule required local governments to assess how much racial segregation exists and to set targets to boost integration. Housing experts argue the rule is critical to encourage local governments to address racial segregation. The rule stems from the nation's Fair Housing Act, which aimed to ban racial segregation. Activists cited examples in Texas and New York where without the rule, local governments steered unpopular low-income housing into minority neighborhoods rather than into predominantly white areas.

"Segregation is not an accident - it is the product of decades of intentional government policy," Madison Sloan, director of Texas Appleseed, a public interest law center said in a statement. 

 Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson that deadlines under the housing rule would be suspended until at least 2020. Carson called the rule an example of "social engineering."

Solomon Greene of the Washington-based Urban Institute, however, explained, "A growing body of research demonstrates that what neighborhood you grow up in matters. Racial segregation can limit economic prosperity for a region and its residents."

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