Tuesday, May 01, 2018


At the Commonwealth Conference held recently in London,
the Queen said it was her, “sincere wish” that her son, Prince
Charles, should succeed her as Head of the Commonwealth.

Prince Charles has got a proper job,
Head of the Commonwealth! (1)
Those colonies we used to rob,
By blatant means and stealth.

He's been in training fifty years,
Such is this taxing task;
But Empire kingship could bring tears,
As it's such a big ask.

Its leaders can look forward to
Tirades on being Green;
And urged on by our King-in-lieu,
To live a life that's lean.

As is epitomised by his,
Although it is a bore;
To only have four footmen whiz, (2)
Across one's marbled floor.

So what will this new job involve,
Apart from sweet F.A.? (3)
And will this gruelling role evolve,
To see him on his way?

To causing a new social wedge,
Where folk will speak out loud;
Against the world of privilege,
Embodied by his crowd?

(1) Despite the cost of £10 million, the Conference is a mainly a
charade where little is decided. Commonwealth Heads of State
complained that the Windrush case was barred from the agenda.

(2) Four footman who each walk a quarter of the length of a corridor.

(3) Some political commentators opine that the Queen's death will see
the end of the Commonwealth (and the Conference) in its present form.

© Richard Layton

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