Saturday, May 12, 2018

Paying for healthcare

The Royal College of Nursing said there were 25,000 nurses from outside the EU working for the NHS.

Non-EEA nationals must pay a  £200 overseas health surcharge, which is paid per family member for every year on the main sponsor's work permit. The surcharge is due to increase to £400 later this year. There have been suggestions that after Brexit it will be applied to EU nationals too.

Some overseas nurses receiving demands for more than £3,000 to cover the possible use of the NHS.

RCN general secretary Janet Davies said it was "shameful that families are being torn apart by this policy".
"We are proud as a profession to have the best and brightest from over 200 countries around the world," she said. "But the government now seems hell-bent on showing that they're no longer welcome."

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