Monday, May 07, 2018

Not such a golden state

California’s gross domestic product surpassed $2.7 trillion in 2017. California now has the distinction of having the worlds fifth largest economy.

One in five Californians live in poverty, 20.4 percent to be exact, compared to a national average of 14.7 percent, the highest rate of poverty in the nation.
By extension, California also has the distinction of having the highest child poverty rate in the nation, with an average of 22.8 percent of California’s children living in poverty in 2013-15, including 5.1 percent living in “deep poverty.”
On top of it all, California is also the home of a quarter of the country’s homeless.
Much of California’s job creation is for low-wage work.


Anonymous said...

Source? I find it hard to believe there is more poverty in Cali than in states like Alabama and Mississippi.

ajohnstone said...

Apologies for not providing the link beforehand