Tuesday, May 01, 2018

May Day Message

The Socialist Party will continue to fight for our principles as boldly and bravely as ever and the plight and suffering of our fellow-workers give us new courage and inspiration to carry on the struggle no matter what the odds we must face. Our May Day message is to stand firm in working-class solidarity and uphold the principles of world socialism as the hope of the future. This is not the time for discouragement or to draw back. The Socialist Party have stood the test of time and have weathered many a storm. Tomorrow, however, we will do even better.

If civilisation is to be saved from destruction it is obvious that the solution requires the concerted and sustained effort of the entire world, the co-operation of all humanity on a global scale only one object: to save itself. Can this be realised under, the capitalist system? Obviously, it cannot. Obviously, a capitalist society will not establish economic equality. Only with socialism is such a world-wide co-operation and such concerted intensive effort possible. Gradually the working class is learning this truth albeit very slowly that only a socialist revo­lution will save them and the planet.  The time for reforms is gone: now is the time for a radical change in the basis itself, that is, for a social revolution. Our fellow wage-slaves must awaken to the need for liberation and emancipation.

Capitalism heaps misery upon misery upon backs of the workers. The profits of the corporations pile up bigger than ever. For countless millions of human beings life today is one of hunger, poverty, and insecurity. War forever looms. The longing for peace is in the hearts of all people. Only the socialist revolution will give any permanent solution to these anxious problems. On this May Day, we call upon our fellow-workers to take their place within the revolutionary workers' movement to struggle against the exploiters. On this May Day, let us rise from our knees and stand erect to be counted. Stand together against capitalism. 

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