Saturday, May 05, 2018

Hungry for workers in Hungary

With ongoing massive emigration and a closed door to immigration Hungary is desperate for workers in all sectors.  Labor shortages began to become a problem as early 2013. Now they appear to be critical.

According to various sources, 350,000 to 500,000 Hungarians are working outside their homeland — which represents about 10 percent of Hungary's total workforce. The country may be struggling to find people for jobs in all sectors — from cleaning to nursing, from industry to agriculture, from bus drivers to web developers — but "one can make three to five times more working in Germany or the Netherlands." 

 Hungary has no plan B. It has not been able to tap into cheap flexible labor from neighboring countries as Poland has done with Ukrainians. Ethnic Hungarians from Romania, Serbia or Ukraine started arriving some time ago, but many of them took Hungarian passports in order to be able to move with ease elsewhere in the EU. Moreover, since the refugee crisis of 2015, Orban's government has made rejection of immigration the cornerstone of its policy.

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