Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Americans join the Saudis

The New York Times reported on May 3 that, in December of last year, U.S. Special Forces deployed to Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen. 

The Saudi-Yemeni border represents the only front where Yemeni and Saudi soldiers are engaged in direct on-the-ground combat. By placing American special forces at the Saudi-Yemeni border, the United States is engaged in direct combat with Yemen’s Houthis.

Without first seeking congressional approval, the United States launched into action alongside the Saudis, offering logistical support and training to the Saudi military. Specifically, the U.S. Army trains Saudi soldiers, advises military personnel, and helps maintain, repair and update vehicles and aircraft sold to the Saudis. The U.S. Army also refuels Saudi aircraft mid-air in Yemeni airspace. This support is not without compensation: The U.S. Army boasts 123 contracts in Saudi Arabia totaling more than $120 million per month. 

 Sen. Bernie Sanders announced he would seek “further clarification on these activities,” while Rep. Mark Pocan urged Congress to “stop this secret, unconstitutional war.” 

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