Monday, April 16, 2018

War is the same everywhere

War brings brutality and atrocities. Syria is just one war. Gas is just one example of the horror of it. Innocent children are invariably the victims of war.

 The last thing 11-year-old Mave Grace saw before falling unconscious was men with machetes cutting open her pregnant mother's belly and killing the unborn child. When Grace woke she was surrounded by dead bodies. Her left hand was cut off just above the wrist.  Militiamen killed her three brothers.
"Around us we saw corpses everywhere," Mave Grace says. She holds up her handless arm, the scabs of the stump still not fully healed. Mave Grace's two-year-old sister Rachele-Ngabausi was slashed and bears a diagonal scar that runs from the bottom of her left cheek, past the inside of her left eye and up to her forehead.
Mave Grace's home village of Tchee lies in the eastern Ituri region, where ethnic strife between Hema herders and Lendu farmers has cost untold lives and forced tens of thousands to flee since it started earlier this year. UNHCR expects 200,000 refugees to reach Uganda from Ituri this year. The violence there is driven in part by a breakdown of government authority which has sparked conflict in other parts of the country as well.
President Joseph Kabila's refusal to leave power at the end of his mandate in 2016 has undermined the legitimacy of the state. The situation in DRC shows no signs of abating. 
 “DRC will never have peace – if there’s no war today, there’s war tomorrow.” explained a refugee.
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