Tuesday, April 17, 2018



To demonstrate the moral high ground over Assad
and his use of chemical weapons, the US, the UK
and France have launched air strikes against Syria.

All chemical weapons are beastly,   
And using such weaponry’s sad; 
But when we bomb folk, 
The victims don’t choke,  
So dying’s not nearly as bad. 

When we fire off the odd missile, 
And blow off a leg or a head;
Conventional arms,  
Retain their old charms, 
And slay just as many instead. 

'Collateral Damage' is Newspeak, 
'Civilian death toll' is not;      
We don't use a gun,  
Close quarters we shun,    
We ‘neutralise’ without a shot.  (1)

When we help to re-arm the Saudis,
It’s boosting our export campaign;
We’re full of pity,
But it’s, “tough titty”,
For Yemeni kids who’ve been slain.

There's nothing like WMD's,  
For punishing States we don’t like; 
We'll snub the UN,    
Again and again,     
And goodies can get on their bike. 

Our missiles are much nicer weapons, 
Than that horrid chemical gas;  
Such things are frightful,   
Our strikes are rightful,   
Says May trumping out of her ass.  (2)

(1) ‘Neutralise’ is US Military Newspeak for ‘kill’.

(2) Mrs May faces questions in Parliament for not putting
the matter of air strikes on Syria to a Parliamentary vote.

© Richard Layton

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